The Mirror Poole

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In the town of Íknorlans, everybody has a secret, whether it’s an ancient cave in the surrounding forest or a nightly habit of howling curses at the moon.

Blinded by terror, John Emerson scrambles to conceal the most dreadful secret of them all. The foolish townspeople idolize him, as though he can do no wrong. But the foundations keep shifting under his feet, and soon the truth will come free.

Full of startling mysteries, brooding liars, and hidden dangers, The Mirror Poole is a thrilling drama of sin and redemption. It is the legend of a young, desolate man who dreads the one thing that can save both him and his town.

“When the morning comes, the black veil will lift from your face, and you will know the truth. But only if you dare to gaze into the Mirror Poole…”