Sock Photographer: No Murder, No Mayhem, Just Socks

Join the Sock Photographer on an unforgettable journey that lasts all of two minutes, and then some, in this new hit “sockumentary.” You will never look at socks the same way again. If you like this video, check out this one too: All of the music in this video was composed by myself. You Read More …

Dentists Recommend The Mirror Poole

If you haven’t read The Mirror Poole yet, what are you waiting for? Dentists dig it, dude! Please kindly leave a review after you’ve read it. You can buy it for only $2.99 and leave a review if you click the “BUY ON AMAZON” button to the bottom left of the preview below: If you Read More …

No Budget Merch

Title says it all! (If you don’t follow me on social media, there’s at least a couple inside jokes here you might miss—what with socks and ice cream and whatnot. See my Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube for context.)

Ratchet Soundtrack Outtakes

Some quaint pieces I wrote for a comedy short film a couple months ago called “Ratchet,” directed by Braeden Alberti. These were not used in the final cut, but here they are now for your listening pleasure on my YouTube and SoundCloud! If you need original music for your project, you can get in touch Read More …

Better Than Coffee Ice Cream!

Ya know what’s better than coffee ice cream?   Might wanna watch this video first for context: Last year I turned 21 and had my first drink…..of coffee. It's been 365 days without incident. Now it's time for coffee ice cream#betterthancoffeeicecream Posted by Tim Fowler on Monday, October 15, 2018