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A lonely boy with a book, a broken man with a mystery, and a menacing villain with a veil . . . their paths are about to cross in a thrilling drama of sin and redemption that will imperil their town and transform many lives. Click here to read more…

Praise for The Mirror Poole:

The Mirror Poole was a rare treat! I had no idea where the mystery was headed until the last two chapters. . . . It pictures a different world from ours, yet one that is meaningful in terms of our history, and true to the theology of the Bible.  I’d really love to see it filmed. I’ve never read anything like it, and I hope that God enables many more people to enjoy it as I have.”
John M. Frame

“The most obvious virtues of this book are the author’s skill with creating dialogue, his worldmaking ability and his knack for creating characters. At the level of plot, I was reminded continuously of E. M. Foerster’s classic comment that a story can have only one merit–that of making the reader want to know what happens next. The Mirror Poole passes that test with flying colors.”
Leland Ryken