Favorite Undergrad Papers

PBA Class of 2019

Yesterday morning, after a long and short four years of hardship and fun, I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a B.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies. Now what does a writer do after concluding another major stage of his life? He writes about it. He thinks much and writes much.

Some of that writing I may share. A lot of it will probably never be seen.

But one thing I thought would be fun to do on my blog is share a few of my favorite papers I wrote for my undergrad. I will be doing that periodically over the next few weeks or months, possibly with some retrospective comments. These will not necessarily be my very best papers (though most of them will be) nor do I necessarily still agree with everything I’ve written in the past (though mostly I do). But these will be the papers that I enjoyed writing the most or the papers whose final drafts I was the most pleased with. Perhaps you will enjoy them too.

As I post them, I will add the links to them here in this post so they are all in one place. Until then, the colon will lack resolve like many an art house film:






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